How to Make BBQ Bean Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

These BBQ bean tacos with pineapple salsa are pretty close to our perfect meal. They pair the zesty brightness of pineapple salsa with the savory meatiness of barbecue pinto beans. Even better, they take under 30 minutes to make! They’re a fast and easy dinner recipe that’s a weeknight win. In this case, the timing depends on how fast you can chop. If you enlist a helper (like a spouse or friend), the prep time goes even faster. You could probably make these BBQ bean tacos in 15 minutes with multiple helpers in the kitchen!

The main part of prep in these BBQ bean tacos is the pineapple salsa. For this recipe, we found that using canned pineapple was best versus fresh for the pineapple salsa. The canned pineapple had just the right amount of tang for the salsa (we tried it with fresh pineapple, but it was sweeter than expected). Prepping the pineapple salsa requires a bit of chopping, but that’s really the only prep step. The BBQ beans are simmered for just a bit, only as long as you need to chop the salsa. After that, you’re basically done!

One of our favorite tricks for taking tacos over the top is to char the tortillas over an open flame. Take care while doing this to make sure the tortilla doesn’t burn, but you’ll find it not only warms the tacos but adds a slightly charred flavor. We hope you enjoy these BBQ bean tacos with pineapple salsa as much as we do, and that they make a fast and easy dinner recipe.

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