Facts About Discovering Food and Nutrition

Discovering food and nutrition go hand in hand isn’t a surprise so in this column I will attempt to clarify some of the basic facts of what we want in our foods and regular diets.

1. Proteins – These are digested and converted to amino acids that help regenerate and build our cells. Known as a building block for muscles.

2. Calcium – This vitamin helps build strong bones and teeth among other body benefits like nerve conductivity.

3. Fats – Contrary to popular belief we do need some fats in our diet. They form protective membranes around cells and help regenerate muscle tissues and hormones.

Nutrients in our meals are extremely important to our regular functions. They also help ward off diseases and strengthen our immune system.

Earlier I stated we need some fat in our foods. While that is true avoid fatty foods such as fast or junk foods because these kinds of fats will really damage your body. Rather eat foods high in vitamins and minerals to give your body the energy it needs.

A complete belly doesn’t mean that you get a healthy lifestyle. Eating properly is more about appropriate choices not stuffing yourself for that complete feeling. Diets to get rid of weight using these guidelines by balancing vitamins and minerals.

I’ve discussed what should maintain food so know lets talk about the type of food to eat.

At the peak of the list are organic or higher quality foods. The advantage here is that no pesticides are used.

Eat foods that will raise your energy and make you feel good. I can not give you examples because different individuals respond differently to foods. Experiment with healthy foods or consult with a nutritionist.

Nutrition is a lifetime commitment, not a fashion statement. Simply put decent nutrition has been around a lot longer than any fad diet in life. Losing weight is a benefit, not the objective.

With appropriate preparation cooking and eating healthy can be simpler than exercising for junk food.

The main point of these nutrition facts is that they need discipline and activity to make them come true.

Discovering food and nutrition does not have to be a puzzle, in most cases let common sense prevail.

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